The Australian funds management sector continues to face a multitude of challenges and opportunities. Our clients often engage Chase to assist with the following business objectives:

  • Strategic growth via mergers and acquisition and for offshore clients market entry or exit strategies.
  • Development of a sustainable business model via acquisitions and distribution partnerships.
  • In-organic strategies to achieve revenue, client or product diversification.
  • Accessing the fragmented SMSF sectors.
  • Fulfilling an investment capability or asset class gap in their existing multi-manager portfolios.
  • Discretely manage the time consuming process of finding a right strategic partner/seeder to launch a new boutique funds management business or fund.
  • Capital raising from private or public markets.
  • Or simply to manage a discrete sale process where privacy and minimum disruption to clients and investment professionals are paramount.

Consistently Chase Corporate Advisory’s clients have utilised our M&A, strategic partnerships and or collaboration as the relevant solution to meet these challenges. We have the proven industry networks and deep experience with lead advisory capability to help you overcome your respective challenges. This is evident in the number of opportunities that are originated by Chase Corporate Advisory.

Our key differentiation includes:

  • Our Directors have both buy side and sell side experience directly in the Funds Management and Asset Management sectors.
  • The Directors of Chase have operated, managed portfolios or built funds management businesses from inception.
  • Chase has sector expertise and specialist,  relevant knowledge.
  • Our Directors understand the nature of these ‘People oriented’  business models and work closely to align interests.

Our discrete and targeted process identifies opportunities that are known to us, which together with our industry experience, allows us to uncover potential partners and opportunities that may not be present today.


The Financial Planning industry continues to develop and diversify at a rapid pace, these devolvements and evolution continues in an environment where the Acquirer or Vendors typically have to make a significant personal financial decision. Chase Corporate Advisory believes it is crucial that you have a trusted adviser assist you through this complicated and emotional process. The majority of business owners generally sell their business once, and therefore we believe it is crucial to engage the “right advice at the right time”, Chase Corporate Advisory has gone through this process many times, ensuring you avoid costly mistakes which can maximise the outcome for your stakeholders, in what is often the biggest financial decision of your life. Engaging Chase – Sell Side process can be broken down into 3 separate components:

Stage 1 – Pre engagement of corporate adviser

  • Often the biggest challenges  business owner’s face, is finding the time to work “on” the business rather than working “ïn” the business. Business owner inertia if often one of the biggest challenge business owners face today, constant distractions with either dealing with clients or staff and often your own personal business succession requirements never make it onto your daily “to do” list.
  • Once the decision has been made to sell, in our experience owners often then underestimate the time and complexity involved in selling their business. They often believe at the start of the process they have already identified a specific acquirer and often limit their initial discussion to that single acquirer. This often results in either a transaction never eventuating or taking significantly longer than it should.

Stage 2 – Post engagement of the corporate adviser

  • Once engaged, Chase will take a significant amount of time to understand your preferred transaction outcomes, including both you negotiables and non-negotiables.
  • Chase also needs to understand all the different nuances of your business (revenue types, profit drivers, client attributes, staff roles, advice proposition, platforms utilised, etc) to ensure that only those acquirers that have the ability to manage your type of business, are eventually brought into the sale process. We will also take the time to understand your current ownership structure of your business (i.e. selling the business assets versus shares in a private company) so this expectation can be set with interested acquirers very early in the sale process.
  • Once we have a deep understanding of your business requirements Chase will then build a blind Executive Summary (no business names mentioned) which will then be discreetly used with those acquirers that are either already in our buyer data base or by a broader network search. Once those interested parties have been identified and short listed, Chase will enter into meaningful negotiations with those groups with the objective of receiving a Non-Binding Indicative Offer (NBIO) that meets your pre stated objectives.
  • Upon receipt of an acceptable Non-Binding Indicative offer from an acquirer, Chase will then assist you through both the due diligence and legal process with the assistance from our very experienced panel of lawyers. This ensures you not only achieve the transaction outcome you are expecting, but you are also adequately protected (i.e. warranties, restraints etc) for potential unforeseen situations that could potentially arise during the earn out period.

Stage 3 – Post settlement of the transaction

  • Once the transaction completes Chase continues to be engaged with both the buyer and seller  throughout the earn out period to ensure items promised on both sides during the negotiations are delivered.

As can be demonstrated above, Chase manages the entire buy / sell process from origination, through negotiations and to final completion, including also ensuring value is maximised during the respective earn out periods. Collectively the team at Chase has managed more Financial Planning transactions in the Australian market than any other adviser to date. This track record of results is an immediate benefit to our clients, which leads to a transparent and successful transaction for all parties involved. Having acted on both the ‘buy side’ and ‘sell side’ for large institutions , private companies and Private Equity firms looking to expand into this sector, we hold a depth of knowledge unmatched in this field, enabling you to confidently benefit from our depth and experience.


The increasing demand from clients and the constant change in legislation for accounting practices to be appropriately licenced, together with the need to offer a more integrated financial services solution is driving activity and structural change in this sector.

Chase Corporate Advisory acts for accounting practices that are intent on achieving strategic objectives in relation to the sale of business or the growth of their business via acquisition, merger or the raising of capital to further expand in these markets.

Our accounting clients typically range in size from 5 – 10 partner firms up to mid-tier multi national partner firms. We understand and recognize the relationship of trust that exists between an accounting practice and its clients, Chase ensures that we understand the needs of these clients as well as key stakeholders to make certain this trust isn’t lost and the cultural attributes remain.

Future planning and  Succession and or the eventual sale of your business is critical. An experienced advisor can help map out the future identifying the issues beforehand therefore enabling you to work out the best way to deal with them going forward.

There are many important questions to consider when thinking about succession planning, beyond purely legal, financial and cultural matters, ultimately you have invested a huge part of your life into your business and it’s worth investing time and thought into planning for the future.

Absolute confidentiality is also of equal importance, Chase can help you review the options available including an MBO, total or part sale and tailor a succession plan that fits your unique situation.

We are well placed to oversee a successful transaction from origination all the way through to execution. Chase has a track record of success and we don’t believe in learning “on the job” which leads to costly mistakes.

Broader Market -PRIVATE EQUITY

Chase Corporate Advisory has strong relationships with a number of large and boutique Global Private Equity firms looking for opportunities within the Financial Services, Technology, Media & Telecom and Consumer Retail.

Chase is able to source, design and construct opportunities that are strategically aligned to the dynamics of these various sectors. Chase has unrivalled experience in this area within our chosen target markets.

Our sensible and pragmatic approach to creating and presenting opportunities to parties that are well known to us is based on knowledge, trust. This approach enables us to partner with a broad range of investors encompassing management buyouts and growth capital opportunities.

We look for investment opportunities where we can apply our unique combination of capital, operational expertise and industry knowledge, and where we know the existing  management team have the ability to keep growing the business. We understand and acknowledge the need to be flexible regarding deal structure enabling our clients to benefit from our experience weather it is either equity or debt. Our PE Partners have a mandate to invest within Australia, New Zealand, US,UK and South East Asia.

We are proud of our track record in this space which ranges from the middle market to the “larger end of town”.